Ozone is a form of oxygen consisting of 3 oxygen atoms that is easily broken into regular diatomic oxygen. Ozone in the upper atmosphere forms the ozone layer which absobs ultraviolet light, protecting the Earth's surface from UV radiation.

Ground level ozone Edit

Ozone can be produced by electricity, and is what one would often associate with the "smell" of electricity.

Contraindicators Edit

  • harms lung function
  • irritates the respiratory system
  • connection between increased ozone caused by thunderstorms and hospital admissions of asthma sufferers
  • gives rise to oxygen free radicals
  • converts cholesterol in the blood stream to plaque
  • may be a contributing factor of inflammation

Air Purifiers Edit

Some air purifier manufacturers claim that ozone producing cabinets kill bacteria more effectively than ionizing cabinets.

Some claims of the effectiveness of ozone over ionizers are available at [1].

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